escape and relax
A place just for you

to preserve your memories

& make new ones 

A place to scrapbook without
interruptions for a whole weekend or longer!

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 Some Of Our Most Popular Features:

Chocolate Buffet

Chocolate lovers delight: a mixture of favorite candy, prepared snacks, and home made goodies.The highlight of course is our Chocolate Fountain or Chocolate Fondue... 

  • Relaxing setting

  • One stop shop-lodging, meals, lounge areas & BIG crop room 

  • Assistance loading/unloading

  • Fully Accessible

  • Guest Kitchen 24/7 with complimentary beverages

  • Comfortable Cozy Beds

  • Lots of Goodies

  •  Lots of space to CROP and enjoy friends

Onsite Scrap Shop

Our scrapbook shop is small but has the basics. It saves a trip to town. From Embellishments to cardstock..... check it out below

Craft room

Lots of light and space with room to move around.  Even a couple of lounge areas to watch TV or Relax

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Yummy Goodies

Goodies like Grandma makes.  We want you to feel like you have been on a cruise...see more below

We Offer.......